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Scalp & Dandruff

HF Scalp

High frequency treatment is essentially a vasodialator, it increases the blood supply to the hair follicles whilst being treated.

Oxy Infusion Scalp

A scalp and hair treatment that uses penetra -tion of oxygen with the combination of botanical serums & extracts


Infusion of anti-oxidants vitamins, growth factors and stem cell extracts to rejuvenate and replenish scalp and hair follicle health.

Dandruff Treatment

Customized treatment procedures as per hair type to remove dandruff and improve scalp conditions.


A small roller that creates tiny punctures that can make it easier for the medicinal qualities of topicals and oils to penetrate deep into the hair follicles.


A small handheld device is used to implement micro-needling on the scalp to activate the body’s healing process and tissue growth.

Scalp ProCare Treatment

A unique relaxing 4-step treatment designed to cleanse, stimulate and nourish the scalp and hair follicles for fuller, thicker and healthier hair and scalp.

Scalp Regeneration

Customized treatment procedures as per hair type to improve scalp health and revival.

For more details on each treatment, check our brochure

Tropical leaves-04.png
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